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Parts4laser offers several options for your cutera handpiece. Aesthetic lasers cutera xeo systems include the following parts. Operator manual, case, and 90 day warranty product specifications. The solera titan aesthetic treatment platform employs a user removable light delivery device handpiece to perform dermatologic treatments. Today, more than 92% laser and lightbased treatments can be addressed with xeo. Unique to cutera, the trupulse technology delivers constant, sustained energy throughout the pulse duration to ensure consistent performance and proven clinical outcomes for your patients. These are respected and widely used technologies to this day. We are a volume dealer that specializes in both new and used laser systems, which means our professionally refurbished, warrantied, preowned systems are often thousands of dollars less than machines sold by other dealers or individual clinicians.

Any logos and trademarks of third parties that may be found on our website are registered trademarks of their respective owners. Cutera worldclass aesthetic, cosmetic and medical laser. Cutera xeo coolglide solera practice success marketing guide. In mrps ebay store you will find cynosure, palomar, alma, cutera aesthetic lasers, along with zeltiq coolsculpting and more medical accessories. Leggere attentamente anche le avvertenze di sicurezza e dimpiego a pagina 43. All skin types ivi can be treated including tanned skin in the summer. Further, cutera was the first fda approved laser brand. Service manual for cutera xeo cutera xeo platform medwrench. Range of cutera laser products for multiple applications like hair removal, skin rejuvenation and more. Service technicians forum cutera xeo service manual inocencio fuensalida btl medical good day everyone.

Click the button below to add the cutera excel v ktp laser to your wish list. The modular nature of the cutera xeo and solera systems, and the handpiec es are accompanied by a similar modular structur e for the associated operator manuals. Pearl is the only treatment offering full epidermal turnover with truly low impact social downtime and no wound care. With our xeo platform, practitioners can purchase customized systems with a variety of our multitechnology applications. Navigation by cutera takes the user experience to a new level, greatly improving your con. In addition, the xeo 2 can be connected directly to various audio sources. Cutera coolglide xeo yag hand piece new, packaged, and ready to ship at your request. The used cutera coolglide has undergone our 200 point inspection prior to being offered for sale. The coolglide xeo and the genesis plus systems consist of a laser console, a laser handpiece which is permanently connected, at least one user detachable pulsedlight. Review the operator manual thoroughly for detailed instructions. Adapter, interlock, key, power cord 110v, dummy head, users manual, 2 multi wavelength. Manufacturer specifications cutera xeo, cutera please note. Two separate operator manuals are required for any cutera console used in combination with any userdetachable cutera handpiece. Two separate operator manuals are required for any cutera console used in combination with any user detachable cutera handpiece.

Or is anyone know how to align the cutera xeo laser head without a laser cavity alignment tool. The firms operator manual for the model b4 and other xeo laser products lacks service information. Laser genesis targets the papillary dermis and titan. Pearl is the first fdacleared laser with a 2790nm wavelength for the treatment of wrinkles. The cutera xeo laser combines the proven effectiveness of cuteras longpulse nd. Cutera xeo platform community, manuals and specifications. Prowave lx is compatible with coolglide xeo and xeo sa consoles, and prowave 770 is compatible with coolglide xeo, xeo sa, and solera opus consoles.

Cutera provides inservice and training associated with the system and handpiece to ensure. Xeo platform multiple technologies, one platform todays aesthetic marketplace demands flexibility. Service technicians forum cutera xeo manual darrell suriff laser me pretty i desperately need cutera xeo manual and treatment guidelines for system with yag, titan. None of the equipment posted for sale on is owned by medwow, should you have any questions regarding a specific item, please direct them to the appropriate seller by making use of the available communication channels on the items page. The xeo sa will include at least one user detachable ops600 or lp560. Cutera laser repair cutera xeo repair free troubleshooting. This operator manual describes the solera titan console and its use and operation with the titan v and titan xl handpieces. Cutera xeo vitalehealth family center vitalehealth. Cutera built a name for itself years ago, as its engineers pioneered the yag laser and co2. You must read this entire user manual before using your xeo.

Dec 28, 2016 the cutera limelight is an intense pulsedlight ipl laser handpiece that can be used for a variety of treatments including benign pigmented lesions, vascular lesions, and photorejuvenation. This is a nicely loaded cutera xeo with most every handpiece. The xeo is differentiated by its ability to precisely control. Cutera devices provide a wide range of treatment solutions that allow you to deliver better results, faster and safer than ever before. Kevin smith, md, facp, frcpc the xeo is perfect for our of. Also would be greate to have service manual for this machine. Cutera coolglide interconnection board burnt, and i cant identify some elements to change them. Components of the xeo system the active xeo speakers xeo 2, xeo 4, and xeo 6 receive the wireless signals speakers from the hub or connect and play them back in optimal sound quality. Anyone have a service manual or software for cutera xeo platform.

The cutera coolglide vantage is identical the the cutera xeo except for the xeos. This system will not have a laser handpiece and will use a single handpiece resting tree. The cutera coolglide vantage was the first laser to be fda approved for all skin types. Providing the greatest variety of treatment options yet, the xeo became a bedrock. Jul 24, 2016 xeo offers up to three clinically proven laser and lightbased modules, customizable at any time, to best match any practice with any patient demographic. Mrp is not responsible for pricing, typographical, or other errors in any quote by mrp and reserves the right to cancel any orders resulting from such errors. Yag technology that is utilized for hair removal, vascular lesions and cuteras signature laser genesis procedure, xeo features the limelight. The cutera xeo is a multiplatform which you can configure to provide a variety of cosmetic.

We specialize in repairing cutera laser systems such as the xeo, coolglide and vantage. Ny laser outlet offers this used cutera coolglide vantage for sale fully refurbished. We always have cutera oem parts in stock and our experienced laser technicians will save you time and money on expensive manufacturer repair costs. We can even reset the shot count on your handpiece. Cutera xeo service manual service technicians forum. Though the firm has released one version of the manual in the past, the firm has upgraded the xeo device several times throughout its history. Once your treatment plan has been established and the appointment is set for your procedure, your laser provider may give you some instructions to follow. Their older platforms and handpieces are still in demand in the preowned marketplace and provide great value to aesthetic practitioners and medical doctors looking for a well placed addition to. Yag platform is the first laser cleared by the fda for permanent hair reduction in all skin types. Cutera 2007 workshop material handbook xeo, coolglide. The companys excel v, excel hr, enlighten, juliet, secret rf, trusculpt, xeo, coolglide, and myq platforms allow for the delivery of multiple laser and energybased aesthetic applications from a single system. Includes nd yag limelight prowave xl included accessories power cord operators manual handpiece tree system key foot pedal system cooling. Cutera coolglide error list service technicians forum.

This booklet is for internal service only this booklet has all the error codes and what. The primary operator manual describes the use and operation of the console. Incorrect use of the xeo or its accessories could invalidate your warranty and can cause permanent damage to the xeo or its. Important installing new software on your xeo may reset your units memory. L, 0212 xeo system components your xeo system will comprise of different components depending upon the model purchased. Pearl is the only treatment offering full epidermal turnover with. Designed around the needs of our customers, our devices drive patient satisfaction and practice growth. I understand stand the fda requires manufacturers of medical equipment to make these available for repair of equipment by qualified reps. Dec 28, 2016 the cutera excel hr is a dualwavelength laser system that can be used to treat a widerange of dermatologic conditions requiring selective photothermolysis of target chromophores. Titan xl handpieces emit optical radiation, which may result in injury if improperly used.

For this reason, prior to starting the install, you should make sure. Mrps security interest is strictly that of a creditor and not as owner or principal. Cutera xeo platformcosmetic laser, in todays fastpaced aesthetic practices, maximum flexibility and upgradeability is paramount. Used cutera xeo opus error code manuals for sale dotmed. Cutera lasers used cutera laser for sale rock bottom lasers. Cutera is a laser company based in san francisco and founded in 1998. Preowned cutera lasers for sale at lowest prices online.

This is a late 2007 cutera loaded xeo with full yag 1064, laser genesis, titan xl. Yag laser technology with the next generation of pulsed light treatments. In order for this handpiece to function on your xeo, you must already have the pearl handpiece software 4. The xeo platform combines the most versatile laser and light technologies in a single system to address the myriad of needs in your patient population. Cutera laser equipment cutera was founded in 1998 and they have manufactured some of the most innovative aesthetic equipment available for use today. The xeo sa system console is similar to the coolglide xeo and genesis plus console in appearance with the exception of the laser handpiece and the dual handpiece resting tree. Operating as an independent touchscreen console, the excel hr consists of a handpiece that delivers laser energy and provides epidermal cooling. This is another example of cuteras attention to human factors engineering.

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