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Paris metro map interactive paris metro map interactive version. Paris metro map subway travel guide download the map in pdf. The ratp uses the numbers 2096 for lines operated mainly in the city proper. Printable central paris metro plan enhanced by about. With paris metro travelling around the french capital is simple and stressfree. Get paris metro map pdf, paris metro map rer pdf, paris metro zones map. In this article, i will attempt to describe the principal solutions involved in the development. Whether you are travelling for work, visiting friends or heading to the eiffel tower or the louvre, with paris metro you can plan routes to and from metro stations and tourist attractions with. Click on the map below metro, to view larger image. It is quite practical to have and use a printed pdf map when in town. Line 1 all stations between concorde and etoile line 2. To plan your route before coming to paris look at the subway map to get acquainted with the city. To get around the centre of paris the metro connects perfectly with the rer trains. See the local map, including the metro, bus and rer stations and lines in the area.

The last metro arrives at the metro terminal station at 1. The network of lines covers central paris, and every station has clear indications, so you are unlikely to need help. Enchufes 220v50hz clavija tipo b densidad 21,19 hab. Sep 02, 2014 the paris metro known as paris metro is located in france. The lines are numbered 1 to 14, and there are two additional lines called 3bis and 7bis. The first line of the paris metro was built shortly before the universal exhibition of 1900. Paris metro the easiest and fastest way to get around paris. Check and print in town the free printable paris map pdf with the main streets of the city, the metro stations, the train stations and the top tourist signts. This ratp paris metro rer map covers all 14 metro lines 16 if you include the bis lines and the 5 regional train lines rer a to e.

For individual metro line maps for paris metro line 1 through 14 see paris metro line maps. The paris underground system can be tricky to navigate but if you download our printable paris transport map in pdf format itll make getting from a to b stressfree the paris metro and the rer is a regular and reliable network and starts running from 5. The paris metro is a synonym for the paris subway network. Metro map shows all stations of 14 metro lines are key stations of 5 regional metro lines.

Explore paris the easy way with a free paris metro map to help you get around the city. Jul 02, 2017 we stayed in paris for 5 days and in my opinion the paris visited pass was the best. Paris bus map a simple free and offline map of all paris busses, very useful for tourists and visitors. There are a lot of popular destinations outside of paris that are. Metro map of paris and the iledefrance region ratp. Here below is our selection of online resources about paris metro map. Metro y trenes paris mapas transporte paris join paris.

Check metro ticket price, paris visite travel card options, metro journey planner and paris metro facts for details. The map of paris includes all information about the city, including directions on how to visit the famous paris attractions and museums. The official printable paris metro map includes the 14 metropolitan metro lines and the 5 regional metro lines rer. The metro signage is usually a letter m, or the words metro or metropolitain. Thats all it took to spark the flame inside me to redraw it according to an entirely different set of principles. The printable rer map has all details on rer lines. Simply enter your details to gain access to these useful resources. Bus services which are operated mainly in the city proper of paris are named with twodigit numbers. Printable central paris metro plan enhanced by aboutfrance. The travel app includes the ratp official map of the metro system as well as a route planner to help get you from a to b.

The paris metro has become one of the symbols of paris, it is characterized by the density of its network and by its architectural style influenced by art nouveau. Official paris metro map with 14 metro lines and 5 rer lines. Every line and all the elements of the map have been rethought and brought to a new visual form to enable fast and easy route finding. Free download for offline use of paris metro maps in pdf, jpg or png formats. This pass offered unlimited metro, bus, and tram for zone most major attraction of paris is in zone 1, except paris disney, palace of. Paris metro map subway travel guide download the map. The paris metro is run by ratp, and their website will always contain. Download to your tabletphone or print at home pdf format. The new paris metro map we looked at paris from a different perspective and it inspired us to create this fundamentally new map of paris metro system, regional trains, and trams. Click on the map to enlarge download the map pdf 186. Our interactive paris metro map is designed to make your journeys easier.

The last known extension of this meter was made in the year 2012, currently 382 tube stations along 218,4 km 5,7 miles, ie, each station has a 571,7 meters 625,2 yards. Paris attractions map pdf free printable tourist map. The first thing visitors should do upon arrival is to get a free metro map at the hotel or in any subway station. The paris metro known as paris metro is located in france. Jan 30, 2017 when i first visited paris, it took me a while to get oriented and put together a route using the official map of the paris metro. If you move your mouse over the following image of the paris metro map, it will load a fullsize version instead but please note this may take a while the first time you do this and zoom in on it. Printable paris metro map in small format, good for printing on a 4.

I want to receive free updates on paris attractions, promotional emails about the paris pass and our other city passes in adherence to our data policy. For visitors who would prefer to take the paris metro, theres also a paris metro map with attractions, which makes taking the metro train easier and more convenient. Currently, paris metro has 303 lines and is 6 miles 219 km long. The paris metro is a rapid transit system serving paris and its neighboring suburbs in the iledefrance region. You can also print it out and hang it on a wall in a square frame. The paris metro map is a map showing the lines and stations of the paris metro in france. Print metro map pdf with 14 metropolitan metro lines and the 5 regional metro lines rer. Print official paris metro map for your convenience and use in paris. The metro rer zones are not printed on this map but the darker shade is zone 2, with the lighter tanbeige being zone 1 or central paris. Jan 20, 2014 this ratp paris metro rer map covers all 14 metro lines 16 if you include the bis lines and the 5 regional train lines rer a to e. Paris metro official metro map and train times apps on. Bus services which are operated mainly in the suburbs are named with threedigit numbers.

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