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Eden rolt millionth comparator pdf comparators download as pdf file. Optical comparators from the technology data exchange linked to trusted tde listed vendors. These mechanical comparators dont use any resources such as electricity or air or oil. As the name of the comparator itself suggests, this is a part mechanical and part optical comparator. Vision gauge digital optical comparators have power focus. Mechanical comparator employs mechanical means for magnifying small deviations. At the heart of these systems are precision optics, superb. Comparators mechanical engineering mcq questions and. Sigma comparator is one type of mechanical comparator. The optical comparator is built with a series of very accurate lenses that magnify and transpose the part image.

The inspection of components in some cases of mass production using this principle based mechanical comparators are very difficult and using optical devices are. In the above system, mechanical amplification is multiplied by optical amplification. Different types of comparators and its applications. The reason comparators havent changed much in 85 years is that the fundamental technology behind an optical comparator is elegantly simple, and it simply works. A mechanical instrument also contributes quite a lot for the overall magnification. Types of comparators are categorized into several kinds, namely electronic, electrical, optical, mechanical, sigma, pneumatic and digital comparators. There is no pure optical comparator but large magnification is obtained by use of optical principle in optical comparators. Find here online price details of companies selling mechanical comparator.

In this lecture pawan saini have discussed about mechanical optical comparator, its working principle, pneumatic comparator and previous year questions. We will discuss about sigma comparator, johansson mikrokator and will also discuss the advantages and disadvantages of mechanical comparators and then. In the optical field, dorsey is one of the few remaining domestically manufactured optical comparator product lines. Millimess mechanical dial comparator mahr metrology. In mechanical optical comparators small displacements of the measuring plunger are amplified first by a mechanical system consisting of. A comparator works on the relative dimension, which means it can measure the difference between basic dimensions with the actual dimension. Our economy line of optical comparators include fowler and spi 12 optical comparators that are economically designed for basic comparative and absolute measurements.

The amplified mechanical movement is further amplified by a simple optical system involving the projection of an image. Our optical comparators combine mechanical stability with precision optics and. Mechanical comparators free download as powerpoint presentation. The mechanical system has a lever fixed by the pivot and both the ends are fixed by the plunger.

In mechanicaloptical comparator, a small dislocation of the measuring plunger is first amplified by a mechanical system comprising of pivoted. Other types such as projection comparators, multi check. The optical magnification is also free from bending, friction, wear etc advantages of optical comparator. Optical magnification system provides high degree of measuring precision due to reduction of moving members and better wear resistance qualities.

The method of magnifying small movement of the indicator in all. Therefore, the total magnification of the system is 2 x zi j43. Additionally, optical comparators are built to be stable devices that are placed at fixed. Optical comparators offered by fowler high precision. Small displacements of a measuring plunger are initially amplified by a lever mechanism pivoted about a point as shown in figure. There are no pure optical comparators but the instruments classed as optical comparators obtain large magnification in these instruments contributes principles. Dorsey optical comparators demonstrate that attention to detail does matter and all are. An optical comparator is one of the types of a comparator which is made up of optical means. Ppt giving idea about the mechanical comparators for. They are available in industry standard 5x, 10x, 20x, 50x and 100x optical configurations. Because, if the mirror is sloped by an angle 60, then the image will be sloped by 2. In mechanical optical comparators small displacements of the measuring plunger are amplified first by a mechanical system consisting of pivoted levers. Introduction to comparators, their parameters and basic. Complete line of horizontal beam and vertical beam optical comparators.

Get info of suppliers, manufacturers, exporters, traders of mechanical comparator for buying in india. Electrical and electronic comparators, optical comparators nptel. An optical comparator often called just a comparator in context or profile projector is a device that applies the principles of optics to the inspection of manufactured parts. Lecture 10 comparators mechanical comparators working and principle duration. Comparators and angular measurement chapter outline comparators introduction to comparators characteristics uses of comparators classification of comparators mechanical comparators dial indicator johnson mikrokator sigma comparators optical comparators principles, zeiss ultra optimeter. From micrometers to optical comparators, the scherrtumico name continues to be a hallmark of quality around the world. Hence sometimes it is referred as mech optical comparator. It works based on fundamental optical law as the edge of the shadow is projected on a curved graduated scale to indicate the comparison. This note explains the main parameters of comparators and their limitations from an. Comparator introduction comparators are one form of linear. Disadvantages of mechanical comparators less accuracy, due to more moving parts, friction reduces accuracy. When st introduced the model 1500 vertical beam optical. Mechanicaloptical comparators electromechanical comparators multicheck comparators.

Millimess mechanical dial comparator with limit contacts millimess 1110 n mechanical dial comparator with limit contacts, 0. Mechanical optical comparators optical lever zeiss optimeter zeiss ultra optimeter zeiss optotest comparators 3. All about optical comparators, and why you should avoid. The hb400 horizontal benchtop optical comparator offers a 16 screen, 16 fast traverse xaxis travel, 6 yaxis travel, quick change bayonet fitting lenses, qaxis digital protractor with angular measurements. There are no pure optical comparators but the instruments classed as optical comparators obtain large magnification in these instruments contributes principles though mechanical magnification. These are costeffective and cheaper than the other instruments. Linear measurement comparators mechanical comparators dial. Symbol ofquality measurement for oyer30 years standard. Manufactured without compromise, starrett optical comparators provide time tested, cost effective solutions for noncontact measurement.

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